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Transition-ready companies are worth more.
The key to making them worth more is to make them attractive to potential acquirers – whether outside or inside people or your own family.

In a nutshell, more cash flow, less risk. The more predictable and sustainable, the better. Our Value Builder System can help 2x the valuation and 3x the number of offers. It’s a game changer. 40,000 businesses have used it.

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Thought Starter -
Which Business is More Valuable? Less Risky? Runs better?

Awesome Sauce, Inc.

  • Fully operational and experienced management team with distributed decision making
  • Diverse customer base, more recurring revenue in contracts or subscriptions
  • Documented, state-of-the-art systems and processes
  • Employees who are so well trained, and cross-trained they could work anywhere, but so well treated they don’t
  • Recipes, trademarks, patents, etc. legally protected
  • Daily dashboards. Monthly financial statements issued by third business day. Clean annual audit

Bitter Berries, Inc.

  • All decisions made by or approved by owner
  • 60% of revenue comes from single customer
  • Highly dependent on one or two suppliers, a few key employees
  • Systems are antiquated. Process knowledge in heads of owner and employees No documentation
  • No legal protection over intellectual property
  • Financial reporting backlogged 3 months, with poor quality and accuracy

We Start With a Business Valuation
Secure, Fast, Actionable, Free

Virtually everybody overestimates the value of their business – it’s rather normal. We provide a fast, online, secure, free business valuation survey that’s fully actionable. Start with a score out of 100. (The initial average is 59.) You get a valid report on what your company is worth and a score on 8 key value drivers; baseline, strengths and improvements priorities. Here’s a brief video about our system:

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Here's what happens
See the results you can expect
  1. Increase the business value and multiple of your company
  2. You gain more time and financial freedom – independence – from “hands on and head down, to hands off and head up”
  3. Many improvements can be funded from cash flow, yield fast results
  4. The business runs better; more stable, fewer surprises, easier to raise money, recruit great people, attract acquirers
  5. Being transition-ready puts you in the catbird seat – scale, operate or sell your business opportunistically
  6. Less vulnerable to unforeseen problems (health issues, economic downturns, industry consolidations, etc)
  7. The longer you operate transition-ready, the better price you can expect

What We Add
Tools, Practices, Guidance and A Guarantee

We have 30 years of experience helping small companies make changes that make them more valuable. Everybody is different. We help owners make good choices about priorities, how to stage and sequence things, pace and timing, the fine line between goals that are confidently optimistic and a disappointing pipe dream. The choices (how much to tackle, how fast to go, what’s involved, how much you want to do on your own) inform the consulting arrangement.

One rule of thumb - it takes 1-2 years of preparation for every decade of operation – plus an additional year to make the right deal.

That doesn’t mean we’re always there. Just as needed, just in time. We believe entrepreneurs are smart and capable – usually short on time and cash. We bring practical stuff you need but don’t have time to invent – then help you succeed and get out of your way.

If you qualify, and do the work on your end, you can expect to earn our fees back within 16 weeks. If that doesn’t happen as agreed upon, we will work with you gratis until it does. (It hasn’t happened yet.)

Here's a solid exit checklist...

This is a shot of the owner of New Zealand watch company - Hunters Race.

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