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Consulting Services For Entrepreneurs

Grow Your Business - People First, Sustainably

It's a Game Changer

We help Main Street and Mid-Market entrepreneurs

Grow, build value, create sustainable futures

Run your business people-first, as a force for good

Turns out it's very good for business....and peace of mind

  • Get Traction

    We embrace EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a complete set of key concepts and practical tools that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs build the business they intend - with the capacity to operate, to improve and to change. We help entrepreneurs master the management system to systematically achieve their goals.

  • Build Sustainable Value

    We offer a proven, people-centric system to grow equity and build value sustainably. From product-market fit to scaling to transition readiness, we help owners gain time, and financial freedom as they build a business they're proud of, that attracts customers, employees, partners and investors.

  • Finish Big

    For most entrepreneurs, business succession is the largest financial and personal change of their careers. We offer a deliberate and intentional strategy that drives long term value and succession. Don't wait. Allow at least 1 year of prep for each decade of operation yields 3x the number of offers, 2x+ valuation gains, and transition-ready firm, for your peace of mind, post transition.

Our most successful clients are women CEOs

  • Owner operate a solid business, see potential for more impact and results
  • Company revenues between $2 – $30 Million, with 5 – 200 employees.
  • Keen to learn, make key shifts: "What got you here, won't get you there."
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What Path Are You On?

Organizations thrive when purpose-driven people deliver results that their stakeholders care about.

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Traditional businesses have focused on profits for owners (“shareholder value”). Historically, businesses can indeed create this financial wealth, but as we have seen, and was vividly revealed in the pandemic, it can destroy also value – economic, environmental, social, community – for other groups.

We are part of the movement to help new business models – and a new brand of capitalism – emerge and thrive.

Run your business as a force for good. Turns out it's very good for business.

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Our Framework for Building People-First Organizations Connects Purpose, Brand, and Culture in Thriving Workforces

The Field Guide for Value Conscious Capitalists

Grow with intention. Run the business as a force for good. Turns out this makes for a thriving and attractive business.
Have a life. Make a fortune. Leave a legacy.

  • Assess Situation & Plan Goals

    Confirm Purpose, Direction, & Strategy

    • Values & Risks
    • Customers & Offerings
    • Potentials & Priorities
    • Culture & Brand
  • Mobilize Course of Action

    Align & acivate team

    • Resources & Budget
    • Systems & Processes
    • Sequence Initiatives
    • EOS/ESG/DEI Roles, Metrics, Management Processes
  • Act, Learn, & Grow

    People-first Solutions

    • Value Building Toolkit
    • EOS Toolkit
    • Capacity Toolkit
    • Sustainability Toolkit

We solve for

Sustainability Value Drivers that make for a Thriving, Profitable, Risk Managed Business

  • Conscious Capitalist / ESG values embedded in the EOS Management System
  • Higher customer value, NPS scores, more recurring revenue
  • Higher proposal capture ratio, larger first projects, higher sales/compensation
  • Better discovery, lower customer acquisition risk
  • Proactive account strategy, teams, accurate forecasts
  • Diversified customer base, supplier base
  • Documented processes, current systems, legal protection
  • Relentlessly balanced demand and capacity
  • Operations that are owner-independent

People-First Practices that Attract Customers, Employees, Partners, Investors

  • Clear and elevating purpose, goals, strategy
  • Clear goals, roles, accountabilities
  • Learning-coaching-mentoring oriented leadership
  • HR run as a competitive asset
  • "Better ways" culture & accountabilities
  • Well-trained, competent people who could work anywhere
  • So well led they stay and grow
  • Appreciation
  • Well being mindset and programs
  • Opportunities to learn and grow


“…help came at a critical time in our company’s development. Its influence has been significant and continues even today as we are dealing with extraordinary growth. We are grateful that they were there to help us.”

Becky Foster, Principal

“I came to the realization that my business would be in peril if anything happened to my health. The livelihood of all of our employees would be at risk. The CoreValue Assessment has been an excellent management tool for highlighting key elements of our business that are opportunities for improvement, and the discipline to address all 18 elementshelped position A.M. Metal Finishing for the ‘Top 50 Shops Award.’ “

Rick Hunter, Owner

” an integral part in efforts to clarify our business goals and develop a good strategy specific to our business objectives. This is a doable strategy which we believe will help our business grow and gain new customers over the next several years!”

Bonnie Kuhn, Owner/Vice President

To Learn More

To learn more, schedule a free initial consultation today. We’ll help you focus on value, not just profits. It’s a game changer.