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Business Consulting Services

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Coaching to Get Traction

We use proven tools and practices that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs develop the company they want. We will help you and your leadership team get better at:

Vision—get everyone in your organization 100% in sync with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there Traction®—instill focus, discipline, and accountability so that everyone advances that vision — every day

Teamwork —help your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team, that pushes aligned teamwork across the business Better Ways — build a customer-connected culture that people thrive in

"People-First" is about fundamentals.

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Coaching to build value

Our core mission is helping owners create businesses that are easy to run and ready to sell- robust, sustainable and transferrable.

We sharpen up 8 drivers of value that over 40,000 business owners have used successfully to prepare themselves and their companies.

Start with an online, secure valuation and get a score on each of the 8 drivers. Most companies start at about 59/100. Companies that score 80/100 or higher have gotten 2 x the price and 3x the offers It’s a game changer.

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Coaching to plan transition

We offer special exit planning services for small B2B companies, $500K - $10M revenue.

We offer a step-by-step exit planning process that can be completed in just 90 Days!

It puts you in the catbird seat - operate, grow or sell – on your terms and timing.

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Business Value Acceleration
Our business value preparation program helps you get on the fast track to being transition ready.

A rule of thumb: one year of preparation for every decade of operation.

Go from this...

  • All decisions made by or approved by owner
  • Customers ask for the owner
  • Most revenue comes from a single customer
  • Start up systems patched up, still in place
  • Proccess knowledge in heads of owner and employees; no documentation
  • Recruiting and turnover surprises
  • No legal protection over intellectual property
  • Financial reporting backlogged three months with poor quality and accuracy

To this...

  • Experienced management team with distributed decision making
  • Diverse customer base, recurring revenue
  • Documented, state-of-the-art systems and processes with cross-trained employees
  • Employees so well trained they could work anywhere, but are so well treated they don't.
  • Recipes, trademarks, patents, etc. legally protected
  • Daily dashboards, monthly financial statements issued by third business day, clean annual audits

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