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Case Studies

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Our solutions for business growth have helped clients go from uncertain to confident. No matter what challenge is standing in your way, we'll overcome it together. Check out some of the work we've done for clients.

  • Infusing Value in Strategy: A Case of Build to Sell by Dunnington Consulting
    Infusing Value in Strategy

    Two key people bought out the senior partner in an established personal financial planning firm (28 people, and $188 million assets under management), needed a strategic plan and wanted to be sure they would build value, not just profits.

    We helped them focus quickly on 2 key things: first, sharper emphasis where they had great competitive advantage in 3 high growth segments – small business owners, high net worth individuals, and family offices – and second, internally, on better quality, skills and capacity in internal operations.

    The early results – 65% gain in 9 months – suggest they’ll easily double company value in 3 years.

  • Preparing a Business for Sale: A Case of Transform-to-Transition by Dunnington Consulting
    Preparing a Business for Sale

    Transcend Carriers, an established logistics firm had been up for sale for a year without any offers.

    We helped the owners pinpoint and tackle 4 key operational gaps; codify the improved processes; plus better organize the company; and define transition plans based on personal goals and planning of the owners.

    The owners had been seeking $1.5 million. Shortly after the engagement, they received an all cash offer of just under $3 million, nearly twice their initial goal.