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The case for building value
- whether you're selling or not -
Make Your Company Attractive to Buyers - as You Build a More Profitable, Enjoyable Business That Doubles in Value and Runs Itself in 12 Months

  • How Owners Handicap Themselves
    I know what my business is worth

    -Virtually everybody overestimates the value of their business

    -People focus on growing profits, without getting transition-ready

    -People view it as a liquidity event instead of an intentional business process

    -So they wait too long to get transition ready …. typically takes 2+ years of preparation

    -Too busy with today’s stuff, customer issues, people issues, cash flow issues, etc

    -Good value-and-profit-building options remain unknown, or out of reach

    -Unforeseen events (pandemics, health issues, recessions, divorces, etc.) happen

    - People feel trapped in a hamster wheel, burn out, scramble to find a path forward

    Instead of building transferrable value, these are the too-often results: (EPI statistics)

    - 80% of businesses that come to market don’t sell

    - 76% of family business transitions don’t last more than 2 years

    - 73% of owners who sell report being unhappy within a year, no matter how much they made

  • How Owners Get Traction, Gain Value, Finish Big

    - Transition-ready companies are worth more.

    - Make the company more sustainable, predictable, transferrable – and profitable

    - Get a valuation (start point), and get clear on your intentions (path and end point)

    - Get smart about options for getting there

    - Build a plan to get transition-ready – which aligns financial, personal and company readiness

    - Invest more time working on your company, not just in it

    - Start today

    The big “AHA”…

    - Things that build value, that buyers care about, are the same things that grow sustainable, profitable companies

    - Building value brings more time and financial freedom -- before, during, after transition.

    - Nothing builds momentum like tangible successes.

    - The sooner you start, the more evidence you'll have to claim premium value.

    - Being ready helps people deal with unforeseen problems (eg health issues, recessions, pandemics) or other surprises.

    - Being ready puts you in the catbird seat - you can operate, grow, or sell – it’s the ultimate freedom.