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About Dunnington Consulting


Our sweet spot is helping private companies ($1-25M revenue) that have proven product / market fit and established customers to grow and increase value. We’re about smooth scaling and getting transition ready; the growth bridge between start-up and succession. Also, we help companies grow by acquisition. I crave variety - but thrive working in swell-known sectors like energy & clean tech, professional services, health & wellness, contractors, medical & biotech firms.


I have been building better organizations for 30 years – a record of results, innovation, learning, finding better ways. Proven, systematic approaches work well; Value Builder for priorities and EOS to drive implementation. Our strengths are around growing recurring revenue, increasing NPS scores, getting great people in the jobs, aligning purpose, brand with a culture of continuous improvement.


We help owners gain time and financial freedom, build an asset - and have a life. We bring proven tools and practices that they don't have time to invent, but can adapt well.


Everybody has a passion. Ours is helping businesses be a force for good. Conscious capitalism spoken here. Turns out it’s very good for business.

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